Coachella Festival Outfit Ideas


When we hear Coachella fashion, we automatically think flower crowns, crochet tops, boho pieces and lots and lots of fringe. As the trendsetting Zigilane women that you are, we know the thought of jumping on the typical festival fashion bandwagon will have you rolling your eyes.

Whether you are heading to arguably the most fashionable music festival this Coachella season or just down for a fashion fix, we have put together a few looks that will steer you away from turning up in something expected and help you creatively nail the casual yet super comfortable and effortlessly trendy look.

Chic army

Play down the military feel without losing its edginess by pairing the Soldier Boy crop top with blush tones.

Add a high waist split skirt that will allow you to dance freely in the heat; khaki shoes and pairing with blush accessories will give this carefree chic Coachella outfit with the feminine twist.

Top: “Solider Boy” Khaki Swim Crop top with quilting sides available at Zigilane
Skirt: Michael Lo Sordo  
Shoes: Senso
Bag: Beige Leather Backpack
Sunglasses: Tom Ford

Combat mode

Move away whimsical, combat is taking over. Using the Lagerfeld top as the starting point, match with a pair of breathable khaki shorts, metal hardware accessories and some reflective frames.

Switch the plain pair of ankle boots with a buckle or studded pair and add a leather harness for the finishing touch to this Coachella festival look which will have all girls looking at you with style envy.

Top: “Lagerfeld” Black Swim Crop top with quilting sides available at Zigilane
Sunglasses: Celine
Shorts: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bag: Saint Laurent Cassandre Small Tassel Crossbody Bag, Black
Shoes: Givenchy Elegant Ankle boots in Black leather Net-a-porter.com

Cinch comfort

The epitome of comfort without sacrificing style is the Street Cred one piece with a pair of distressed denim shorts. Keep the khaki colour constant in accessories and don’t forget to add a cap for some much needed shade throughout the day.

Finish off the outfit and maximise your dance with a pair of chunky sneakers, perfect for jumping around to the music and showing of all the moves to your heart's content.

Full Piece: “Street Cred” full piece with white strap paneling available at Zigilane
Denim: One Teaspoon Shorts
ShoesRaf Simons Stan Smith Strap Sneakers
Bag: Chanel
Hat:  Kaufman's Army and Navy

Coachella festival fashion is all about being comfortable and stylish so you can enjoy the music with friends and dance for hours. Don’t be afraid to turn up in something that is less expected yet still trendy and you will have heads turning for all the right reasons.

Make the most of your Summer Bikini



When you go to the beach or hang around the pool as much as we like to in the summer time, it may be a challenge making sure you are not guilty of being seen as a bikini repeat offender.

The key to making most of your bikinis this summer is to ensure you pick the right pieces that will give you the option to mix and match for every one of those occasions.

Start with the basics

Building from a strong foundation is important and your summer bikini choice should be no exception. Choosing a neutral coloured bikini will broaden your options when it comes to purchasing additional pieces to match.

Our suggestion? Start with a simple ‘little black bikini’, you can never go wrong with this.

Bikini: Ride or Die

Throw in Colour and Print

When you have your neutral foundation, it will make it much easier to match with bolder pieces that will add an extra element to your style.

Here are two simple tips to help keep you on track:

  1. Solid on Solid – Pick another bikini style in the same colour as your basic, a similar shade from the same colour family or, break the boundaries and select opposite colours to create a colour block effect.

    Bikini Top: Bae Watch, Lagerfeld
    Bikini Bottom: Ride or Die
  2. Print on Solid – Mix with a print that has a common colour to your basic. This makes it easier on the eye and less likely to result in a mismatch.

    Bikini Top: Honey Pot, Ride or Die
    Bikini Bottom: Ride or Die, Coco

Create a Showstopper

To make things even more interesting, consider mixing with different textures, shapes, cuts and proportions. You will end up creating your own unique style that is unpredictable and will no doubt take your summer bikini mix and match game to the next level.

Bikini Top: Soldier Boy, Lagerfeld
Bikini Bottom: Private Jet, Honey Pot

Mastering the skill of mixing and matching bikini pieces is key to maximising your swim closet and will allow you to create a style of your own. To make your hunt for the sexy summer bikini even easier, the above bikini pieces and many more of our edgy and chic swimwear are available at the Zigilane shop.

Don’t forget, nothing is more important than you feeling comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. Be unique, make it your own and don’t be afraid the break the boundaries.